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2010 samo slušam r.n. i odmaram
2013 there is no space and time
2014 just now
2017 improving stay

there is only now. and there is no time and space. thoughts, music and water are important. for results i need intermission. i work in order, disciplined and in love with what im doing. clear idea is art. everthing that is simple is good. culture is childish. i try to be raw with the material. when looking at art pieces it has to be seen as it was done "just like that".
i show what you see. there is no story behind. title helps with relaxing / looking / understanding an art piece. i try to stay in independent and souvereign position. there is no bad conscience there is just good or bad decision.
iam right and left minded. iam looking for facts based on a statement and iam living with what i found.