bare, collage

photoprint of a lead singer from group »majke«. he is called bare. his perception of a world of young was clean but now on drugs his eyes coagulated. his inner world still is OK but output is not working eneymore. on eyes he has grown himself collage shaped coagulated eggs.

camping, collage

blue coloured paper tube sticked on the top of a paper composition. best life short period expirience is weekend life in wilderness.

fifty fifty, collage

collage with two cutted holes under them are two different coloured circles in different angles.
doing things in life with the same results. we win some and loose some.

flow mind, collage

coloured note paper sticked on back of red paper then it goes true the center of the paper
and than it takes its oun way to freedom. idea is how to show thoughts in making of progress.

hand+, collage

into magenta paper is cutted shape of two figures and put on white paper with drawing. they are having ritual. humans touching each others. hands and minds are floating all over the space even true the body.

no title, drawing

image of a big plastic clock which i got for a gift. it was 1m long. it was bad gift that i dont
want to remember. i have let out the tickers on purpose. I have draw it on small sized paper that i can hide it even more.

turnip, drawing

portrait of a healty turnip. pickuped out of field, washed and put on a table.