U A U A, foam balls+wire+tread, 20x25x13cm

my neighbor’s garage has a double security system: a remote-operated gate and a remote-controlled door. when the (yellow) owner pulls into the garage, the garage door makes a familiar “wa-wa” sound (like the studied sound of a porn diva) as it closes behind him and he enters his apartment. he assumes he’s safe, but it is possible that someone might sneak in during his absence (blue). his certainty is only an illusion. the repetitive nature of the event increases the chance of error, creating a moment of suspense. the porn diva sighs her wa-wa as the garage door shuts.

Razi, collage, 25x20x5cm

two cocks, pen+paper, 20x25cm

go on, wood+nail+tread+foam ball, 30x5x5cm

družmirje (togetherness and peace), wire+paper, 30x50x13cm

first and foremost, this is a place where people hang out together in peace. togetherness and peace - družmirje.
through the cracks, the landscape begins to sink into a lake of mud, the entire space being swallowed up in it. i want to escape my fate by just swimming the whole time. the black wire represents the stable landscape, the red wire is the freshly collapsed soil, and the yellow-green is the landscape in between.

a collaged drawing made from different meaningful elements.

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