monkey business, (painting, 70x70x20 cm, canvas/acrylic enamel/spoon/glue, the painting is propped against the wall, next to the room where we rest)

a gorilla comes out of the bush into civilization, where it is disciplined
it knows what it must / it is what it is
a marionette, independent and sovereign
the thread holds the shape of dreams 

Turn the antenna, (object, 50x15x15 cm, wood/plastic/wire/foil/acrylic enamel/glass, the object is wedged into a hole in the floor)

the nightly vibration of people fucking
Turn, the cursed gypsy castle
Night has fallen, c’mon show me a good time (Kaotične duše)
She’s like heroin (Majke) 

swallow us, (object, 10x20x14 cm, crystal pyrite/plastic pyramid/photo paper/glue, the object is placed in a room, where we do not expect it)

thought becomes fact
juicy refreshed pleasure into infinity
pyrite is the crystal of the intellect and protection, standing on a plastic pyramid 

ass walk, (painting, 50x40x10 cm, canvas/graffiti spray/rope/plastic balls/acrylic enamel)

good looks squeeze the sweat right out of the skin
the yellow summer and hanging out on the nude beach