curvy legs, wood+glue, 21 x 19 x 7 cm

a woman’s legs made of wood are laid down, spread apart.
i like the nicely-shaped legs of a woman. i steal secret glances at women walking down the street and fully realize the perversity of my doing.
a pair of a woman’s legs are lying down, spread apart. they are naked, strong, taut, beautifully formed.

golden dog smell, presenter+wood+ball+spray+gouache, 13 x 88 x 13cm                                                           how it works video

a rattle is shaped like a wooden cube with a handle, with a ball inside the cube producing noise as i turn it in my hands.
i close my eyes (dreams, subconsciousness), calming myself, the repeating vibrations serve as a mantra, which helps me focus my mind on a single thought.
the rattling speaks to me, just like dreams do.
the rattle is meant for the silent listener of “everything” he does not understand.

hey Cat!, canvas+spray+glass ball+plastic hose, 24 x 30 x 11cm                                                                       how to look at it video 

the relief picture is read according to the viewer’s perspective. any perspective is correct: the orange ball is a cat, the pink hose is a lady, the color blue provides a background. looking at it from the left, the lady is waiting for a cat; looking straight at it shows us their position before the action; and looking from the right shows us a lady who simply watches, having forgotten everything. 

K.O.S., presenter+wood+spray+acrylic enamel,14 x 20 x 14cm                                                                               how it works video

the essence of the mobile is the act of its relocation. the presenter pulls away the green support beam and places the red roof on the underlying surface. this creates a small space in the shape of the letter A. she then returns the green support beam into the original position, and the space widens. this is a repeating action.
the object in motion simultaneously serves as a shelter and a trap, giving shelter and serving as a prison at the same time.

wasp attack, rotating fan+canvas+oil paint+paper, 30 x 24 x 21cm,                                                                 how to look at it video

the canvas is painted with a blue oil paint, the side wing is made of orange paper, moved by a moving fan. the wasps attack and the image i see moves.

yes, no (order pin), wood+acrylic enamel+glue, 14 x 100 x 14cm

when you order food at a fast food place, they write it down on a piece of paper and once the order is ready, they stick it on a metal pin to keep it from being blown away in the wind. the task is complete. the object shows a magnification of this detail and highlights the tragedy of the end.