dah, dah, video, series 5 - 5, 1min 3sec 

I am sitting on the bus, watching the driver in the mirror, I see myself as the driver.

where’s the blue jacket? (the question is directed at the owner), canvas+acrylic+glitter+felt, 80 X 30 cm

a guy, friendly like a motherfucker, asks me (the address)
the jacket caught in our minds is suspended between us
we meet, that’s what’s in the picture
the blue jacket is pinned to the canvas in the back, but if you show it to the viewer, it’s no good
we’re open to each other, as if there is no door between us, just like people should be with each other

larch slope play, canvas+acrylic enamel+acrylic, 30 X 40 cm

summertime on the hill under the larch
the ground is covered by soft grass and needles from the larch
a warm summer storm is approaching
there is no sense of time, nature’s force is coming closer
I am resting by the tree
the truth lies on the other side of the hole

fruit talking hahaha, relief object, light bulbs+felt tip pen+canvas, 40 x10 x 50cm 

“yellow” thought and “red” emotion run into each other on a path, and finally merge together to create blue. thought is selfish, only paying attention to its own ideas, emotion is happiness and love. joined together, they form a human being.
this picture is a gift.
a luminous picture as a form of communication which allows one to move from one point to another.

vast, object, cardboard+wood+pink pong ball, 30 x 10 x 30cm

broad landscape, mapped with a point. the point I want can be a concept, a thing, an event: the crow on the roof, running into an old schoolmate. the meeting, the calling, the experience, the thanking, it doesn’t matter if I’m awake or dreaming, imagining it.

what is this? (holder for everything), object, wood+fabric+acrylic enamel+hinge, 75 x 15 x 10cm       how to look at object - on video

a device which I can use to weigh things down or retain everything, but it won’t necessarily work every time. it is either placed on the stairs or fixed at an angle, seeming as if suspended in the air.
at this moment, it is holding some vividly colored fabric. 

the silverware almost half-disappears, drawing, paper+felt tip pen, 30 x 20cm

a set dining table with incomplete, unclear utensils, the missing pieces are disappearing, the lines and edges of the dining set are becoming blurred.

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