2020 neutral, easy, effortlessly, floating and calling

2019 love to sleep

2018 improving stay

2017 Seeking for freedom. That I think is art.

...what is actual truth, fucking, rock and roll, life in a future, sleeping outdoors, wealth, enjoying rest time, aroma party, a violence of authority, perseverance and fighting spirit and physical endurance, odds and ends, ... 

I live in a place where people hang out together in peace. I am looking for moments that does not matter much in plain view, but I simply can not forget them. It does not matter if I am awake, dreaming or imagine it. Everything is happening just now, and there is no space or time. Music and water are important. A clear idea is an art. Everything that is simple is good.

I try to be raw with the material. I get the hint, then I think, write and do. I examine the concept through various media as far as I am able. Once completed, the work has a sense of simplicity about itself. It bears the basic simple, raw and funny information. When looking at it, it has to be seen as it was done "just like that". I show what you see. There is no story behind.

The image is shortened duration of piece of art. Long duration art is manipulated and too far from real now/moment. Because there is just now. Endless things, procrastination, and enjoyment, yet staying prepared and moving towards a goal which resembles rebirth. How we live now and in the developed future.

Life is a play and then you go to sleep. I do it constantly and pick myself up to improve stay and lust. Do it easy! Give & Get.  

2014 just now

2013 there is no space and time

2010 samo slušam r.n. i odmaram

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